Ask HN: I'm looking for a partner

Why would you need a partner for a simple affiliate site like this?

Ask HN: Any health tips/wisdoms?

Is the microwave myth still going strong here?

Purenode - The future of web programming?

Seems more complicated to me..

Tell HN: 23andme for only $99 today only

International shipping is pretty expensive: $70 – does that include sending it back?

The scariest pricing idea ever. That works.

Google cache version (since site seems to be down):…

Always remember the about page

It’s hidden pretty well (not on the blog, have to click to their homepage first).

(And it doesn’t have much info either (when did the company start, etc))

Why the iPhone Simulator is Awesome

I wouldn’t mind paying for some dashboard (widget) versions of iphone apps.. :)

Ask HN: got any food hacks?

You could try the morphy richards steamer:…

It has several different compartments that can each have an individual timer. So just put the food in and wait for the alarm to ring. Voila!

Photoshop CS5's new "Content-aware Fill"

I don’t see anything special in that area?

Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 3DS Portable System

Unofficial:Asahi in Japan offers the first word on how the 3DS achieves its 3D-ness by suggesting that the new portable game machine with feature a parallax barrier LCD from Sharp. The tech has apparently already been deployed in a few cellphones over there and is described as "unsuitable" for large-screen TVs. This is corroborated by Nikkei, which suggests that the screens on the new device will be smaller than 4 inches diagonally, placing it closer to the DSi than the 4.2-inch DSi XL / LL.Other news from the latter source include so-called 3D control stick(s), though it’s not entirely clear whether this’ll be anything massively new or just a pair of analog nubs for us to push around. Either way, Nintendo is said to have secured patents for the new control methodology in Japan late last year. The Nikkei article also mentions improvements in WiFi transfers and battery life, as well as a new vibration function. Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, can someone please tell us if this thing has Tegra inside or not?…

Show HN: I finally released that sheet music app I keep yammering about

I thought the sheet scrolling was a little disorienting (too fast), but then I saw you have a 2nd way of scrolling (note by note), much better. Great app!

Danger Will Robinson Rackspace stores cloud passwords in the clear stores the passwords in clear text. You can see this in their support system HTML source. You have to supply the root password each time you create a support ticket and the password remains visible even in closed tickets from months ago.

StickyBits: Add a bar code based history to any physical object

The examples are a bit laughable.."Attach your resume to your business card" – You could just add a web link instead and everyone would understand instead of limiting yourself to a very specific subset of users that know what to do with the barcode. (Same with "attach photos of what you’re selling to a flyer")

Plus, is there any type of control on these barcodes? Can I claim a barcode and not allow anyone to add anything else? That would be quite important if you’re going to put it on a business card..

How I got my leg tied to the radiator because of Facebook

Got any examples of sites that do this right?

An html sanitizer for C#

Supposedly prevents XSS attacks via submitted HTML.

Why You Should Build a Web App

Seems like a problem with your browser, works just fine in safari.

Ask HN: What gaming console should I bye?

There aren’t really any "hardcore games" on the wii. Those that are are mostly single player and don’t take much advantage of the wii remote besides the pointer. You also won’t find many online games (which is broken anyway due to the friend code restrictions).Most casual/social games have simplified or too forgiving controls. They’re nice at first but you’ll grow tired of them soon. And unlike what you may believe, there isn’t that much quality casual games either (besides from nintendo). Heck, even the mario/sonic olympic games are waggle fests.

They then introduced wii motion plus, which is supposed to give you greater control. It does. But there’s hardly any games for it.

Anyway, there’s a rumor of a Wii HD console.. Nintendo has a conference somewhere at the end of february. Might stick it out if you want.

Xbox 360 or PS3 are pretty much even. Most games come out on both platforms. They both have some interesting tech coming out this year. (Natal and the ps3 wand).

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