Plugin Review: Improved Plugin Installation

Thanks for featuring the plugin, I’ll see what can be done for mass updating plugins.

As for themes, I believe 2.8 will bring the functionality.

Safari 4 beta released

No, after you add the sites and press done, you’ll have to click on the thumbnails to visit the site. Only then will the edit icons appear on re-editing.

Make Your Plugin Faster With Conditional Tags

I already try to do this as well. Best example for me would be my plugin “My comments elsewhere”.

I also try to extract the admin options page and only include that when needed. Same with installation, uninstallation, widget control, etc.

Good tip.

German “PearC” Apple clones aim to succeed at the Psystar game

So if Apple just puts “By buying this product you agree to only use this on Apple licensed computers” on the leopard install CD box, this company would no longer be able to sell these clones?

Ask HN: please review our online load testing service -

Or simply add a way to claim a server by uploading a specific file to verify ownership.You probably don’t want to do this because it would make the process much harder, but you can allow it in reverse; claim to deny load tests for a domain.

Ask HN: please review our online load testing service -

So, what can I learn about these results:…

Ask HN: please review our online load testing service -

How long is a test supposed to take? Some indication would be helpful. It’s been minutes already.Edit: Oh, it’s finally showing the progress indicator running.

Why Twitter (and a way to get new followers)

On my twitter account I talk about some of my (simple) web projects I’m working on.

You can find me on

Wesley’s last blog post..Identifying and tracking MyBlogLog users

Ask HN: Review - small coding project meetups - creators met on HN

Very nice, subscribed to the RSS feed but the RSS links point to invalid locations.

Are Terrorists Using My Blog For Secret Communication?

Just looking at the title of that post "Lost? Google Mobile Phone Locator Will Find You" those people probably think "Lost Mobile Phone? We will find it for you" or whatever.

People not reading the post correctly/not grasping the language.

Probably all coming from google search results for lost mobile phone locator.

Ask HN: Do You Twitter?

Can I hire you to build a twitter app? :)

Ask HN: Do You Twitter?

If only links in profiles would be clickable.. (Lazy)

The "Don't Click" Twitterjacking Explained

They’ve just fixed this it seems. Content is now hidden in iframes.

Preventing Frame Busting and Click Jacking (UI Redressing)

If you’re talking about twitter, they’ve just fixed this. Content is now hidden in the iframe.

The "Don't Click" Twitterjacking Explained

Clickjacking has been known about for over a year. When will companies start to proactively fix these kind of exploits? It always seems to take a "sample" exploit first.

The Blogroll I Want For AVC

Something like this should be built into Google Reader, so that they track the links you click and make that data available via an API. I see no other way this could be done. FF extension cannot be used since there is no way of knowing which links you’d want the world to see.

Still, a very interesting idea and one that any RSS news reader should definitely implement.

Add "pwn" before youtube in the url of any youtube video to download it

Do they care about the "youtube" trademark used in other domains?

IDEA #95 - URL Filter for filtering Adult websites using Google SafeSearch

Great idea and pretty easy to program. The obstacle however would be google banning the IP that does the scraping. Something that is difficult to get around unless you have an entire server farm.

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

Very interesting, will have to test this out

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