How To: Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

I’m already turning it into a plugin and adding some more features Ofcourse only if I get approval from the author of that article will I release it..

How To: Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

I was gonna make something like this

2009 Shoestradamus predictions

- Well, google has their “friendsense” that they most likely will put ads on.

- I don’t agree with Android though, that will rock 2009.

- Book? What Book?!

Its official Abandons Paid Dating…

Will this be the downfall of plenty of fish? Most of his adsense income comes simply from other (paid) dating sites.So it’s kind of ironic that he helped create the very situation which may one day lead to the site’s downfall.

More FeedBurner Fail?

Hmm, never had any issues with feedburner, I think it’s google reader at fault here.

WordPress Theme - ClearPress

Love the pulldown, one suggestion, comments don’t seem to be as wide as the content area. Is this as intended?

Power Twitter For Firefox: Inline Media, Integrated Search And A Lot More

It’s not hard for twitter to replicate this, what is hard is how to make this scale.


Great to see you experimenting with something other than wordpress, looks cool :)

When Being the Number 1 Blog in Your Niche is Not Enough

How exactly do you know you’re the “nr 1″ blog? By being the first for a specific keyphrase? Unless that keyphrase is really general, that doesn’t say much.

Word of mouth and other sources of traffic can be more important than google. (in some cases)

Dont Call it A Comeback

Nice comback!

How To Auto Update The Copyright Notice

I’ve now read this at over a dozen blogs..

New Theme For 2009

It’s one of the better free templates
Wesley’s last blog post..What this blog will be about

Is It Stupid to Trust Twitter Apps With Your Password?

It’s twitter that’s stupid for still not having implemented oAuth. What’s keeping them from implementing it TODAY? They are putting people’s passwords at risk.

What Do Your Twitter Followers Think? Conduct a twtpoll And Find Out.

So, are we going to see a ton of web apps that simply take an existing idea, and add some form of twitter integration to it? (Redirecting to with a msg prefilled) You could just use any one of the hundreds of polling sites out there and paste the link yourself, so I’m not sure what the advantage is of using this instead.

Still, good marketing and twitterers will eat this up. Hell, I’ll use it myself

Happy New Years - Friends & Readers

Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Happy new year!

Tool Thousand and Eight

I’ve just started using twitter but I can already see it has some great business use as well.

Google website optimizer, is again a great tool, compared to others I tried it’s just so much easier.

Shubho Nobo Borsho!

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! (Happy new year in dutch)

Earn Big Money & Huge Prizes from Motive Network

Some awesome prizes, good luck to everyone and thanks for organizing!

WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/02

Thanks for adding my plugin, already see lots of new downloads

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