This plugin allows you to have posts with an external permalink. Great for cross promoting your blogs or guest posts. For more info, read the announcement blog post.


Latest Version

Usage Instructions

Usage couldn’t be simpler. When you add or edit a post, look for the “External URL” field. Typically at the bottom of the page. (If you’re running Wordpress 2.7 you can rearrange it’s position).

Simply type the external URL, making sure to start with “http://” and the plugin will do the rest.

Plugin Options

There are several plugin options available:

Notice Text: If you want to, you can add a notice to tell your readers to continue reading the post at the external link.

Show notice in the loop: Whether to show the notice on the homepage/category pages, etc.. (for each post)

Show notice in the RSS feed: Whether to show the notice in the RSS feed

Redirect comments page: If you want to, you can keep the comments page on your own site. Default is to redirect to the external link.

Show only excerpts: Since you’re linking to an external site, you may decide that you only want to show an excerpt. If you haven’t added an excerpt, but still only want to show partial content, choose “Yes, always” and the plugin will automatically create an excerpt for you.

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