This plugin is an improvement to the current WordPress plugin installation methods. It allows you to install one or more plugins simply by typing the names of the plugins or the download URLs in a textarea. This means you can install all your favorite wordpress plugins in one go!

Furthermore, a bookmarklet is included which lets you install plugins directly from an external site.


Latest Version


To install multiple plugins at once, go to the “Add new plugin” page and locate the textarea at the bottom.

In it, simply type the names or URLs of the plugins you want to install, one on each line like so:


Plugins don’t need to be hosted at As long as you use the direct download URL, third party plugins will install without a hitch.

The bookmarklet

The bookmarklet allows you to install plugins directly from the external site. Say you are browsing the repository and find a plugin you would like to test, simply click the bookmarklet, confirm you want to install it, and boom, it’s done!

This even works for third party sites such as Yoast’s wordpress plugins:


Installing the bookmarklet

Go to the “Add plugin” page and look for a green notice. Under that notice you will find a link titled “Install plugin”

If you’re using Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, simply drag the link to your bookmars toolbar. If you’re using Internet Explorer, right click and choose “Add to favorites » Create in: Links”.

Do make sure your bookmarks toolbar is visible first. This is generally done by right clicking in the menu bar and making sure the bookmarks toolbar option is checked.

Now, whenever you’re on a third party website that hosts a plugin, simply click the bookmarklet to bring up the installation window.

Is the bookmarklet safe?

Yes, the bookmarklet is completely safe. All plugin installations are still validated by your wordpress installation. There is no difference between installing from within Wordpress or using the bookmarklet from a security point of view.

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