This plugin collects the comments you posted on other people’s websites and lets you display them on your own blog. For more info, read the announcement blog post.


Latest Version

How does it work

The plugin depends on an external service to track your comments. Support for BackType and CoComment is available.

If you’re not yet using either of these services, I recommend you use BackType. Unlike CoComment, BackType does not require you to install a browser extension meaning the whole process is much more transparent and automated.

Usage Instructions

After installing the plugin, you’ll have to select your tracking service and enter your account details. Once you’re authenticated, you can execute the initial comments import. From then on, new comments will be downloaded once per day or once per week.

You can choose to display your comments in a widget, as a paginated listing (on a page), or as a daily/weekly digest post.

There’s several options available allowing you to change whether or not to open links in new windows, add an RSS feed, choose the number of comments per page, etc etc..

There’s also an option to edit the CSS, allowing you to style the comments page or widget as you see fit.


You can see the comments I’ve made elsewhere right here on my blog.

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