This plugin identifies and tracks MyBlogLog readers on your website. The plugin will store the user avatar, location, website, twitter, technorati, etc.. along with the last visit dates.

Additionally, this plugin also has the ability to show a personalized message to the reader. This message can include the name of the user, the website, etc.

For more info, read the announcement blog post.


Latest Version



The admin page will show a paginated listing of all MyBlogLog visitors. Included in the table are the website URL, twitter URL and other third party websites associated with the user account.


A personalized message shown to the visitor on your blog.

Installation Instructions

After installing the plugin, you’ll need to get an API key to gain access to the MyBlogLog service. You can register such an API key here.

Make sure you choose “Generic” as the authentication method and fill in the rest of the page with your blog details. You don’t need to select anything under “Required access scopes”.

If you don’t display the “Recent visitors” widget, you’ll also need to enable MyBlogLog tracking on your website. To do so, go to MyBlogLog, click on your website and go to the settings page. You’ll find a javascript tracking code on the bottom of the page which needs to be entered in the plugin options page.

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